Holding company that consolidates a number of technology based activities developed by its founders and its successors as per figure below.

The company develops its business through its strong network of subsidiary companies and high level government contacts in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Oceania, enabling it to undertake large-scale projects.

UNIVERSUM INVENIO is devoted to developing projects around 3 principles:

The 3 principles of Universum Invenio

We build products and technologies in harmony with these 3 principles around the following business lines:

Precision Agriculture BioCropBoost
Sensors and Instrumentation
Neural Network Computing
Large Agriculture Deployments Biofuels Camelina Sativa
Algae & Halophites as BIOFUELS
Crambe Abyssinica
Oleochemicals Crambe Abyssinica
Biomass Chopo
Robotics Applied to Agriculture Planting Machines for annual crops
Harvesting Machines for rare crops
Ag. Machinery intelligent robot operators
Plant Breeding and Genetics Genome Sequentiation
Oleochemicals Crambe Abyssinica
Plant Propagation
Commodity Trading Neural Network Applications in Commodity, FOREX, and other exchange - based trading
Energy Co-Generation Technologies
Energy Recovery Technologies
Energy Efficiency and Energy Cost Saving Technologies
Post-harvest Technologies Granding and Sorting
Technologies for long storage or transportation
Technical Consultancy and Turn Key Projects
Applied Nanotechnology Nanotechnogies and Products for Agriculture
Concrete (Cement) Additives
Buckminsterfullerene (C60) Chemistry and Molecular Cages
Applied Biotechnology Foliar Plant Biostimulators
Soil Management and Recovery for Agriculture Applications
Waste Management Agricultural Waste
Industrial Waste
Food Waste
Livestock Waste
Soil and Waste Remediation Industrial Toxic Waste
Radioactive Waste
Explosive Waste
Dioxins and PCBs.
Enzymes, Colorants and Other Biotechnologies
Biosurfactants and Its Applications