Nanoforte®: A Plant Bio-Stimulant and Brix building Foliar Fertilizer

Nanoforte® is a nano-scale colloidal emulsion providing mechanism to deliver a large spectrum of micro nutrients more effectively. It accelerates photosynthesis, increases production of sugar and has strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Nanoforte® is safe for use with many crops as it’s made from FDA approved food stocks and additives and it bears the label of the National Science Foundation (NSF) for application in/around food processing areas. Moreover, it is biodegradable over 28 days and holds a ’0′ OSHA rating and ’0′ toxicity rating.

A Farmer’s basic desire is to grow crops with minimum input effort and cost, and still achieve maximum quality output and profitability.

Nanoforte® is a new and dynamic Bio-Stimulant and Foliar Fertilizer, which can accelerate photosynthesis and the production of sugar, which is a basic function of all plant growth processes. When Nanoforte® is used on a regular basis, it increases the plant’s internal sugar levels in the plant, resulting in natural pest and disease resistance (systemic acquired resistance or SAR), while at the same time improving its shelf life and storage quality. Increases in yield as well as improvement in crop quality are well documented facts when Nanoforte® is applied to crops. Brix level increases of 50% or more are not uncommon, at times measuring as much 80%.

Nanoforte® has received NSF (National Science Foundation) approval, and has USDA acceptance as a 100% bio-based organic product, made from natural plant and vegetable materials. It is 100% non-hazardous and totally non-toxic, is beneficial to the environment and bio-degradable.

Extended information follows:

Universum Invenio Ltd. is proud to introduce a new era of nanotechnology for agriculture. Through innovations in colloidal chemistry, Universum Invenio Ltd. has developed a remarkable Plant Tonic with a uniform particle size of 8 angstroms to 4 nanometers. This nano-scale break-through has made possible the creation of billions of micelles, which are activated to form what can best be described as a “super cleaner.”

The following document describes Nanoforte® application tests and their results carried out in a variety of geographical locations and products:

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