This is our Precision Agriculture solution. As we had products and services for crop nutrition and crop protection, we have integrated a comprehensive array of available hardware and our in-house developed software to provide you with ultimate control in your agriculture production.

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Biocrop Boost System®
Value Chain Prospection
Existing Land, potential crops
Potential Crop and Value Chain, looking for best land
Implementation and Follow Up
Project Management
Administration and Routine Planning
Internal & External Relationship Management
Budgeting and Financial Control
Product Basket Study
Products from Main Crop
Products from Crop and Post-Harvest. Waste Management
Business and Marketing Plan
Financial Plan
Sales Plan
Marketing & Promotion Plan
Energy & Sustainability Plan
Technology Plan
Human Resources Plan
Choosing Production Technologies
Crop Production
Crop & Post-Harvest Waste Management
Industrial Processing and Value Chain
Added Value Study. Which is practical
Sustainability & Energy Technologies
Agricultural Production, Harvesting and Post-Harvesting Mechanisation
Appropriate Mechanisation Options
Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Issues